It is always darkest before the dawn. Looking deeply within ourselves and at the relationships we have cultivated in our lives, takes incredible courage. While it might not seem that way, the fact is that therapy is a tool utilized by those who are not only brave but also remarkably strong. I applaud you for beginning your journey towards becoming the very best version of yourself. I look forward to working with you and joining you along that path.

When things change inside you, things change around you

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Meet Dr. Lyndsey Motarefi

Dr. Lyndsey Motarefi is a Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. As a Clinical Sexologist, she specializes in working with both couples and individuals whose goals are to address and overcome relationship and sex-specific concerns. In addition, Dr. Motarefi has extensive experience therapeutically assisting those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, trauma, anxiety, and self-esteem.

Working from a primarily solution-focused orientation, it is important for her clients to both understand their goals for therapy as well as their progress towards meeting them. Based on the unique needs of each client, she eclectically incorporates elements of mindfulness, CBT, and attachment theory into sessions. Dr. Motarefi feels genuinely honored in earning her client’s trust and allowance to collaboratively journey alongside them as they overcome the inevitable obstacles of life.


American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists